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Q&A with Architect Francesco Pierazzi

Q&A with Architect Francesco Pierazzi

Q&A – Architect Francesco Pierazzi

Orchestrate are passionate about South West London. We live here, our office is here and we are lucky to work on great projects here. We come across many fantastic people day to day and wanted to take this opportunity to share these people with you in a new series of blog posts. Thank you for reading our first post about Francesco Pierazzi our neighbour and fantastic Architect based in Streatham, South West London.

Francesco Pierazzi

Francesco Pierazzi – Architect

“Francesco Pierazzi Architects is an award-winning practice with a studio based in Streatham Hill. Francesco Pierazzi and his team have a passion for design, architecture and South London. We caught up with Francesco to ask him some questions …”

How long have you been in business, what is your background and training?

Francesco Pierazzi Architects was set up in London in 2009. I am originally from Italy and I was educated in my hometown, Florence, where I received my Architecture Degree. I apprenticed in Germany and have worked in Europe ever since. I relocated to London in 2002 and after working for several well established architectural practices I decided to set up on my own.

What is your favourite aspect of your work?

If I were to pick only one favourite aspect of my work, I would say that it is the ability to create and mould new spaces out of nothing with a view to shaping people’s lives, I believe that architecture is a profession with a great deal of social responsibility.

Your business is worldwide – what makes you passionate about South London?

London has become my home and I feel a true Londoner. I have been lucky to have had the opportunity to design projects in a variety of countries, whether through direct commission or through competition. I simply love the building where I live and work, a 1930’s modernist one-off apartment block. And that happens to be in South London.

Francesco Pierazzi

What do you think of the area? Has it changed very much? What makes you stay?

I can not deny that I love South London. I have been south of the river since 2002. I have seen the transformation that the area has gone through. Unlike other parts of the city where the property market has generated pockets that have lost life and have become quite mellow and saturated, South London is becoming more and more vibrant each day.  South West London is sought after and there is a nice sense of community. The art scene is expanding. It feels more diverse than other locations and it is greener. There are a lot of development opportunities.

Which is the bigger problem you face – reining in a client’s elaborate dreams or getting them to explore beyond their limits?

The clients’ dreams are never a problem. In fact they can encourage the design process and inform it, Budget is often a stumbling block, but clever value engineering can help in the process. One of the biggest challenges to face is to get the design through planning, particularly in certain Boroughs that are less design orientated, and have a much more conservative approach to architecture.

Do you have a typical client?

I do not have a typical client. In the past 7 years or so I have been fortunate enough to work with the most varied people. The variety of clients is definitely one of the most exciting aspect of my profession.

Francesco Pierazzi


If you could describe your style in three words what would they be?

Textured, bold and functional.

Describe some of the trends that have come in and out in recent years? Which have been your most loved (and the ones you wanted to avoid)?

I am not one that follows trends as they tend to make a project date and age very quickly. A strong attachment to modernism forms the foundation of my design. One could say that Modernism has been on trend since the 1920s, in which case I still follow that. I would like to think as myself as a professional who does not get inspired by what is on trend but rather by experiences, whatever they may be – travels, art, theatre, music, history, literature …

It can get complicated when I have clients that want to introduce what is on trend within their project.

The indiscriminate use of reclaimed or salvaged material is a trend that I have never particularly embraced and loved.

What plans do you have for your businesses in the next five years?

My practice have been working primarily in the domestic sector, although we have started to branch out recently. We are now also working on small projects in the education and retail sectors. We would love to have the opportunity to create projects that have a greater impact on people’s lives, community projects, social housing

For more information please contact Francesco: https://fparchitects.london/